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Dane County Animal Control

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Each and every animal that infests your property, house or place of business in Wisconsin has special adaptations or abilities that allow them to thrive in regions where they pose a danger or danger. Animal pests enter homes and properties searching for refuge and food, or an environment with the right humidity or temperature. Pivotal in Dane County bird and animal control is removing the appeal for pests to your property, whether it is a food source, shelter or a distinguishing habitat.

For more information on specified animal pests in Wisconsin and the destruction and control possibilities of each, locate the city that is relevant to you below. Or, Click here for assistance in managing your animal or bird issue in a professional, timely and humane manner.


Did You Know...
Even though bears make their home in primarily forested places, they'll wander into towns and cities hunting for food. Bears will eat any food source within their reach and could attempt consuming anything that looks like food. When their natural food preferences like berries, meat, nuts and insects are scarce, these animals will actively hunt in other places as a means to eat. When bears locate a good food source, they will come back often, which is when they become a pest problem.


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